Thursday, May 30

Fabrics and Furniture

I finally decided on a couple of  fabrics. The first is for my dining room chairs. The zig zag for a pillow?

I found both fabrics at

I'm also planning to paint some furniture. My dining room chairs, end tables and china hutch.

Not sure what color they will be yet? Think I will wait until I get my Ibis fabric.  :D

Wish I didn't have to go to work today.  I've got too many projects going here at home!

Hope you have a great day!


Lucille said...

I love the fabric for your cushion and yellow is such an uplifting colour. Have you thought of using Annie Sloan paint? I hear it's very good to paint furniture. There are many tutorials on you tube.

otterine said...

Those are lovely fabrics. For furniture painting inspiration, I love this blog: :D

Kathi said...

Thanks for the inspiration. I haven't tried Annie Sloan's paint but have been thinking about trying to get that look.


Marisa said...

what a color have green, blue and yellow to work with so you can always go with a nice country blue (you can age them a bit by sanding off some paint)

personally I would spray paint that rattan chair a nice green color too but thats just me I tend to go overboard


Tessa Liduina said...

Hi Kathi; you are doing great work on your house. It is nice to see your progress, so thank you!