Wednesday, March 24

Guess Where I Went Today?

I went to my favorite place in the whole wide world! New Smyrna Beach, FLORIDA!

The weather was absolutely perfect. As you can see, the beach was gorgeous today!
See why I miss Florida so much?

It was great to kick off my sandals and feel the soft white sand between my toes again!

There were sea gulls, sandpipers and pelicans looking for something for lunch. This little guy really didn't want his picture taken. He kept walking away and looking over his shoulder at me.

Speaking of lunch. My son and I went to JB's Fishcamp to eat "Southern Seafood with an Attitude."

JB's is a local landmark. Great food in a laid back beachy atmosphere. They are right on the intracoastal and steps from the beach. This is the view from the dock out back.

This snowy white egret was very pleased to pose for photos. They know they are beautiful!

I took lots of photos of beach houses too. I'll share them later. Today was a perfect day!

Blessings, Kathi


Deni said...

Oh it does look lovely!
Luv the photos of the Egret!
Looking forward to seeing those beach houses

Thevisionarybutterfly said...

I know how you feel...I think the beach is one of the main reasons I moved to South Florida :)