Monday, March 8

Inside Outside Upside Down

I turned my house upside down yesterday so I could paint the porch ceiling and eaves.

I touched up some paint here and there. Somethings you just can't see unless you stand on your head or flip the house over!

Here you can see the new window and french doors. I think they look great. I'm not going to mess with the cracked glass. It's going to remind me that things don't have to be perfect to be beautiful!

It was so much easier to paint the ceilings with the house upside down. I still need to do some sanding and remove some old wallpaper bits from the bathroom and kitchen.

I guess the house will stay like this for a while...



rudoo said...

You know, you can always just say "a Seagull flew into it" just like you said at first.
Jonna :-)

De said...

With all of those grandkids staying there, it would be unusual if something wasn't broken anyway. :) I love the way the french doors and extra window look. This house is going to be absolutely beautiful, Kathi!

Ascension said...

Segurio que la casa te queda preciosa, tiene muy buena pinta.
besitos ascension

winterpeachblog said...

That's cute! My kids turned my house upside down over the weekend too - but in the disastrous kind of way. Thank goodness for Mondays. Arlene

Tallulah Belle said...

Adds a whole new meaning to turning the house upside down lol.

I like it cracked as well Kathi...adds some realism to it.

You could always draw attention to it and place a knocked over plant and a ball by it :-)

Kathi said...

Love your idea Jayne! I will do just that! :D

KORONKA said...

You have beautiluf blog Kathi :-) Regards from Poland :-)

Tallulah Belle said...

Glad you like the idea...I love houses that have bits of real life in them like that.

Carey said...

I love the color of the exterior and the shutters. I am in the process of picking out a paint color for my house and can't make up my mind.