Saturday, March 13

Spring Forward!

Don't forget to turn your clocks ahead tonight. I really like daylight savings time! Maybe it will help bring spring along a little bit sooner?

I'm moving right along with my projects. I finished the tile work today. Whew! I still have to spray the tile with 6-7 coats (!) of clear acrylic spray and grout them. Hopefully, I can finish that tomorrow? Thanks Josje for your great tutorial. I can't wait to see the tile IN the bathroom!

I have a Michael's hutch that I might use in the bathroom? I like what Casey did with one she had.
I've seen lots of good ideas. Mine won't show much because of the way the room is arranged. Not sure what I want to do with it yet...

Hope you had a nice day.
Sweet dreams,


Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

Your project is looking so nice!
For the wallpaper I use "Yes Paste". I also find it easier to mount the wallpaper on cardboard first and then glue that to the wall. You can leave a little extra wallpaper on the sides on the one going on the back wall and then paste the two sides over this; your wall will then be completely covered. I hope this helps.

Kathi said...

Thanks Maia! I'll try that.