Sunday, March 7

What Happened Here!?

Grandpa in his Sunday best on a ladder can only mean one thing. Trouble. He is not much of a carpenter, but then neither am I. Between the two of us we managed to get the new french doors installed.

We shooed the kids off to the beach. Then some feathered friends came by to watch. I went inside for a glass of lemonade and heard a big CRACK!

I thought maybe Grandpa had fallen off the ladder? Or the kids threw a ball at the door? Or maybe a seagull crashed into the door because the glass was SO clean? What happened, I asked? Then I saw who the culprit was...

My not so trusty clamp had popped off, hit the glass and cracked it. No one was talking. Not even Fiasco. It's better that way.

I guess I'll have to admit that it was MY fault. I could just cry.

Live and learn,


A. Wright said...

Oh Kathi, that's awful. I'm sorry I know how much work it was to get to this point and how much it just plain sucks to have to backtrack and start over.


Cheryl said...

Sorry that you had such a mishap with your door Kathi. I would never have thought that a clamp like that would pop off with such a small thickness as the door trim. Hopefully it won't be too difficult to fix.

The Old Maid said...

Sorry to read about that! Hope you can easly fix it!

Unknown said...

oooh,I'm so sorry to read about this mishap!
I hope it will not be to much trouble to fix it again! Never use these clamps again!

Lize said...

Oh Kathi! It always feel like one step forward... two steps back. On the bright side! The door looks great.

Note to self: Do not use those clamps on glass door, OR FINGER! Could be disastrous!

Jill said...

Oh Kathi! I'm so sorry for you-- they look so beautiful. How frustrating for you!

dalesdreams said...

Oh, how awful! what a drag. :(

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I'm sorry! :(

Unknown said...

Oh Kathi, you poor darling! Sometimes life can be a bugga serving up lemons. I always try to laugh it off and make sweet lemonaide!


Deni said...

Luv those french doors I had to look again when I saw the big crack OH Dear!!!!
You could always write a story saying a big wind storm came through..... thats a shame though!!!
I am thinking this is mini right?
I have french dooes in my real house I luv them!

Kathi said...

Thanks for all of your sweet comments! I think I'm going to leave the door just like it is. :{
I might make it worse if I mess with it.

It will be a reminder that things don't have to be perfect to be beautiful! I think the doors look great too and I'm proud of myself for even trying to do this. :)

Kim said...

Oh- how awful! I agree with you though-I wouldn't mess with them now- you worked hard to get those doors in there and they look great. You never know- further down the line you might stumble upon the perfect fix and if not- they are still beautiful ♥