Wednesday, March 31

This Kitchen Really Needs Help!

Is this not the ugliest kitchen you have ever seen?! It's the one in the duplex I'm hoping to get. Just call me crazy, but the price is right. This time you REALLY get what you pay for!

Anyway, I'll be happily sitting at my desk in this "craft" room if the house becomes mine.

Thanks so much for your prayers and sweet comments. I still have to get through the application process and come up with the money needed to move in...

Here's the view from the front door. The Bradford pear trees are magical this time of year!

I hope you have a beautiful Easter weekend!


DLSarmywife said...

Kathi, the kitchen's not THAT bad...I've seen worse...but that Craft Room will be wonderful, and those trees are lovely! Good Luck hun! =D

Norma Bennett said...

Yep, it's not great, but trust me, that's definately not the worst kitchen in the world! I've looked at some rental apartments where the price was definately NOT right and the kitchens were so bad that the fronts were coming off the drawers! I do hope you get the place so you can get settled again soon :) It certainly looks like the room you'll be crafting in gets good light and those trees are so lovely!

Susan@minicrochetmad said...

Oh, I hope you get the house!! Prayers going your way. The trees are gorgeous and the craftroom will make up for the kitchen short-comings.


Josje said...

That kitchen is stuck in the eighties. You're probably not allowed to paint it, but you could easily pretty it up with some nice accessories.
Hope you get the house. The pear trees are gorgeous.

Deni said...

I am sure you wil have that ship shape in no time once you get all your goodies in!
The trees are gorgeous! the craft room will be wonderful...... hang in there!

Meli Abellán said...

I hope you get it and realy soon!!! I also wish I could have a craft room like that.
The trees are so lovely!
Good luck Kathi,

Maria said...

I wish you lot of good luck!
The kitchen is not that bad,if you put some nice decorations in there.
Have a happy Easter weekend

Kim said...

Good luck Kathi! I don't think the kitchen is that bad either- could be the avocado green instead of the golden yellow! I think the right accessories could save it too. The view is spectacular and the light in that craft room- divine! I am saying a prayer, crossing my fingers, my toes and my eyes too for good measure!