Saturday, March 6

Too Many Projects!

I've got so many projects going here! I don't even have ONE thing to show you! I wish I had more hands!

I am almost finished with the new window and doors. I hope to get them installed today?

I've started making the tile walls for the bathroom. It's going a lot better this time. It is going to take forever though. Can't wait for my new BLUE floral wallpaper to arrive! :D

I'm also working on resurfacing the tub and painting my gold faucets silver. Oh, and there is a sink vanity cabinet in the works too. Waiting for glue to dry there.

I started to re-paint the kid's room and build another bed. There are three grand kids so I need someplace for each of them to sleep! I think a loft bed will be cute?

I repainted the exterior window boxes FOUR times before I went back to the original white! Still can't decide what to do with the porch and deck floors...

If this wasn't enough, my new vintage travel trailer kit arrived this morning!!! I opened the box and then closed it right back up. Can't go there now...

The kitty tower is still collecting cats and ideas. I found some great fabric to make them a little chair. I have wallpaper and flooring to install, more climbers to make and lots more accessories.

What are YOU doing today? Do you have as many projects started as I do?!

Hope you have a beautiful day!


Pan said...

You are always so busy you put me to shame :-) I am so tempted to try and make some of those tiles myself, they look very realistic.


DLSarmywife said...

Kathi, I completely understand how to feel...I have about a zillion craft projects going or WANTING to be going, and then about a zillion more FULL-size/real life things going on too. But I actually got some things accomplished today so I'm feeling pretty darned good! =D