Tuesday, July 27

Candle Labels

I found these little jars on Ebay by one of my favorite sellers, Beautifully Handmade. I think they will make cute little candle jars?

Then I did a GOOGLE search for "free printable labels" and found these!

I'm hoping to use them for my little jars when they arrive. I'm planning to pour real wax into the jars with a little wick so they can be lit, just like real candles. :D

These are free votive candle wraps from Paper Crave.
They might make cute little labels, or maybe flower pots or pitchers? Love the colors!

I really wish I could find out who made the cute little jar candles I saw on someone's blog last year? They were really great!

I'm spending too much time gathering ideas and not making minis but I hope to have something to show you soon. Hope you have a beautiful day!


Lainie said...

Sweet little jars. Thanks for the printies!

Susan@minicrochetmad said...

Haha, gathering ideas! I do that too. It's nearly as much fun as making things.

Poppypatchwork said...

The hard bit is not making the jars but making a "glass" lid, but these do look nice.