Sunday, July 11

A Little Bit Accomplished

I'm making some progress with my bougainvillea. Thanks to everyone for your helpful comments, links, emails and tutorials! You are such great mini friends!

What you see here is another idea I had yesterday. I'm using embroidery floss stiffened with glue. I strung my flowers on the floss like I did when I made the lei for Cheryl.

The string in the middle has two or three flowers close together. When the glue is dry I'll shape and position them. I can also cut these long strings apart and use the flowers individually. This is a whole lot easier than trying to make them one at a time!

The branch on the right is just painted florist wire and stiffened brown embroidery floss. I'm still working on my leaves! Thanks Tabitha for your terrific tips and photos! May used the cutest little flower pasta for her bougainvillea. Check out her tutorial!

I found this photo online. This is a real bougainvillea that survived a hard freeze in Florida.

I love how it shows the shape of the plant. I like having a picture to refer to when I'm making something.

I really didn't get much done yesterday but I do have an excuse! A doctor's excuse at that. I had to go to the opthalmologist on Friday. Seems I have a blocked oil gland on my lower eyelid. Not pretty and quite painful too.

I'm having to apply warm compresses to my eye every few hours and drops three times a day. Thankfully, the pain and swelling are gone and my vision is okay. I'm just not allowed to wear my contacts and I don't own a pair of glasses! Maybe I'll have to work on something larger for a while or go take another nap? LOL

Thanks again for all of your encouragement and help! Hope you enjoy this beautiful day!


Merry Jingle said...

You've done lots of progress - I really should have one in my Toscana garden, but really don't think that I have the nerves to do one :D Hope that your eye gets well soon :)

Caseymini said...

What a great idea, stringing the flowers like that! Keep it up! you will have plants in no time.

Wanda said...

Wow I love the work you are doing on the bougainvillea. Thanks for the tutorial link. I had not seen this blog before. Thanks for sharing. Now I have to go and try and make this!!

Anneke said...

I'm trying to follow your bougainvillea adventures closely because I think they'll turn out great. This is very inspiring!

Ascension said...

Estas haciendo grandes progresos con tu buganvilla.
La que has cogido como referencia es una maravilla, seguro que te queda genial.
Espero que te recuperes muy pronto.
besitos ascension

dalesdreams said...

Eh, take another nap. ;)

Looks like great progress and what a clever idea. :)

Tabitha Corsica said...

I think your bouganvillea will be beautiful! And you have shamed me into opening up that box from over 10 years ago. Maybe I'll finish what I started.


Margaret said...

I love your bouganvillea, that's a great way to do it I will check out the links, thank you for sharing Kathi.

Beatriz Fernández said...

Kathí que se mejore muy pronto. Esa bugambilia promete mucho, muero por verla terminada.

Kim said...

Kathi-they are beautiful- clever girl! I hope your eye heals quickly!