Saturday, July 10

Painting Paper

Here's the little planter box I made for my bougainvillea plant. To me it looks HUGE when I realize that I need to make enough flowers to fill it!

I painted my paper on one side. I'll flip it over and paint the other side when it's dry.

I used thinned acrylic paint here but I might try watercolors on another piece of paper? I'm loving these colors.

There will be a lot of punching going on here today. Not to mention the branches that need to be put together and the leaves and ...

This is going to take ALL day and maybe tomorrow too!

Hope you have a pretty day!


Caseymini said...

Good luck, Kathi. Have fun punching and then punch about 4 times what you think that you will need....There are never enough petals and leaves. I like the music today. I fed the fish. They seemed to be VERY hungry.

Kathi said...

Thanks Casey. I like my playlist too. I leave it on when I'm working on things. Both are very relaxing. I'm glad you fed the fish. Sometimes they get neglected here!

Iris said...

So beautiful color! I come tomorrow to see what from here where to find.

cockerina said...

that beautiful colors!
Blog May, there is a tutorial on how to make the bougainvillea!
look here:

kisses! Caterina

Kathi said...

Thanks Caterina! I checked May's tutorial and found that I am making mine in a similar way without the cute little flower pasta. Wonder where she found them?

Maria said...

Quite big job, but it so fun, isn't it? :)