Wednesday, July 14

The Plant Zone

Gorgeous double hibiscus!

I found a new blog this evening. The Plant Zone. This is just one of the beautiful photos I saw there!
You KNOW I'll be following this one! Just click on over, pick a category and you will see why!

I haven't been able to work on my bougainvillea much these past few days. My eye is getting better every day. Hopefully this weekend I will have something more to show you.

I'm also building a trellis for my planter box. I'll need something for the bougainvillea to climb on! :D

Hope you had a good day.


Ingrid said...

Thank you Kathi to share this link with us. I hope your eyes heal quickly
groetjes Ingrid

Ascension said...

Gracias por el enlace.
Epero que te recuperes pronto para seguir con tus minis, estoy deseando ver la buganvilla en el entramado.
besitos ascension

sagrario said...

Muchas gracias por el enlace, las flores del hibisco son unas de mis preferidas las hay de tantas formas y colores que es dificil decidirse cual gusta mas.Espero que pronto tengas bien el ojo y puedas continuar con tus minis,besos