Thursday, February 3

Trying to Knit and Crochet

I got off work early today. Ice and snow and more ice. The road up the hill to my house was closed so I had to go the long way home. When I finally got here, I thought I would try something new.

First I tried some crochet. I have done this before. Why none of it came back to me I don't know? All I accomplished was a long chain of irregular stitches.

I did find a video on YouTube for left handed people, like me. Unfortunately it goes so fast that I had to keep pausing and restarting to see what she was doing. Not much help.

That being tried, I decided to see if I could teach myself to knit left handed. This went a little better. At least I was able to cast on some stitches that don't look too bad. I have never knitted before. I think I might like it.

The next steps are confusing to me. All I want to do is make a simple little scarf. The pattern calls for casting on 6 stitches and then doing a "garter stitch" until you have the length you want. I don't know what a garter stitch is or how to do it?

I'll keep trying. I applaud anyone who can knit or crochet! If you are left handed, I applaud you even more!


Sharon said...

Garter stitch is where you knit every row, stocking stitch you knit one row and then purl one row..does this help?

Minimami said...

Keep trying! You´ll get the hang of it!

Kim said...

I just started to try to learn to crochet too! I tried tiny like you are doing since I've never done it before- but I had to switch to yarn to learn because I couldn't see the "chain" and where to put my hook into! Good luck with learning Kathi- keep at it- you'll get it! I'm off to you tube to see if I can find some help- why didn't I think of you tube??!!

C said...

You WILL get there. I agree with Kim. Start on a bigger size to start with - and clear colours. Once you get the hang of it you can do miniature work. Garter stitch is great to build you confidence. Good luck! Best wishes, Carol :)