Saturday, February 5

Have You Seen This?

I'm trying to clean house today but I keep being sucked back to my computer. I do have laundry going, have changed my bed and started putting STUFF away. Would you believe I still have Christmas things on my dining room table?!

I saw this on another blog and thought I would tempt you. It is a flip scan mobile scanner.

This cool little thing would be perfect for scanning photos, labels, art, magazines or anything else you would like to print in miniature!

I'm tempted myself, but I have a new sewing machine to pay for first. Come on Uncle Sam, send me my refund! $$$

When I've finished cleaning I think I'll get back to work on my mini sewing cabinet. What are you doing today?


Lucille said...

Kathi, there's a mini knitting group you might be interested in. You can get it at You can get all sorts of advice there. Also, the latest issue of AIM has knitting and crocheting patterns. Look on page 128 especially. Also, there are mini knitting patterns to be had at Also, the buttercup online store is a very good store to get supplies from. Hope this helps. Sorry, I don't know how to link links.

Kathi said...

Thank you Lucille! I'll check these out. I need all the help I can get! :D

Lucille said...

You're welcome, Kathi. I was just looking through some old e-mails from Leslie Shepherd that I had just filed and not read. If you go to her site on and type doll clothes for mini dolls, she teaches how to fit the clothes to the doll by giving patterns for the torso, and there's one to make jeans. These are clothes that you can remove.

Anonymous said...

Kathi you asked what I am doing today. Well I've begun work on my 1/48th scale beach cottage. I know what you mean about getting sucked back to the computer. I find it very hard to tear myself away from mine.
Cathy (Auckland, NZ)