Wednesday, February 23

Garage Floor

I want a terrazzo or epoxy granite floor for the garage. It has to be durable and very shiny, but not too slippery. :D

I painted some card stock, sprinkled on different glitters, then spattered and dabbed. I'll need to paint or spray it with clear varnish. Lots of it. I want a very smooth floor.

Do you think ModPodge or Gesso would work better? Check out this post about using Gesso! It's by Mel Stampz. Amazing stuff!

I also have to decide what color I want to use? I'm leaning toward the gray, but I do like the green too. You'll see why later.

I may put a stripe and/or checker board pattern around the edge of the room where the wall meets the floor? I don't want anything too fancy. This IS a garage, you know.

Just thinking out loud here. Thanks for listening!


Sharon said...

Come on a man his garage can't be too fancy! I'm sure Grandfather would agree!!! :-)

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Thank You ever so much for the link. :O)

What a difficult choice Kathi! Those 3 are my favourite colours, ever. The green is fresh and lovely but the gray looks a little more garage-y (and it might show dirt a little less.) ;o)

To get lots of shine, I might go with crystal lacquer or if you have glossy mod podge (mine's flat). What a fun project!

Ana said...

Los tres son bonitos, pero el verde es el que mas me gusta¡¡¡Besos

Ascension said...

Yo creo que el verde quedaria genial en el garaje.
besitos ascension