Tuesday, February 15

Grandpa's Place

I had a talk with Grandpa this morning. He showed me some of his things and said that he really needs a place where he can get away from the women, work on his projects or just relax.

Grandpa is a retired Naval officer. He has some things from the Navy that he wants to get out of storage and put on display.

Grandma is decorating the beach house and doesn't want any of Grandpa's stuff in there.
We decided that Grandpa needs a place of his own.

Can you guess what that will be?


Kim said...

I think Grandpa might be getting his own garage!

Unknown said...

A Garage...I need one too,lol!


Caseymini said...

I think that the water heater gave it away. The garage it is!LOL

Kathi said...

You are ALL correct! Gramps will get a garage! :D

Norma Bennett said...

What a fun project this will be Kathi :)