Thursday, February 10

Clip Tuck and Tension

The dress pattern I bought needs a lot of adjustments. It is too big and too long. Casey makes her own patterns. So does Taru. Maybe I should too?

I began with the bodice of the dress. Poor Grandma modeled patiently while I pinned and poked to try get it to fit. Maybe I should get one of those dress forms? I think Grandma is getting tired of it all.

I had half the top sewn before I realized the bobbin thread was going loopy. Well, don't you know, right there in the instruction book that came with my machine, it showed there was a dial on top to control the tension! Sometimes, most times, it's good to read ALL of the instructions!

Maybe tomorrow I'll have something put together that looks a little better?

I'm going to bed now. It's too dark to sew anyway.


Lucille said...

I can see you've been working very hard. I know there's a lot of work in what you've done. It's unfortunate the patterns are not well adjusted. I recently purchased a book from Amazon "The Miniature Costumier". I have not yet tried anything in it but the reviews were good. The patterns are for removable clothing.

elis said...

I'm sure you can do this dress according Grandma body.

Kim said...

How beautiful the dress is though Kathi- keep trying! I have such trouble with sewing machines too- I much prefer to hand sew....I secretly think machines hate me :) You could maybe trace the pattern you have onto tissue paper and then make some adjustments for size and new pattern pieces? Good luck ♥

De said...

I usually cut and fit directly to the doll. I use the machine for some things but I find gluing and handstitching the easiest for doll clothes. I think Grandma's dress is going to be beautiful, Kathi.

Anxiously waiting to see the finished dress. :)

Caseymini said...

Kathi, I am with De. I am a hand stitcher and a gluer...I find that each individual doll needs to be handled differently. I have the advantage of a lot of fashion design and draping classes in real life size so I imaging it is just easier that way for me. Keep at it. It gets easier. Honest!

My advice is try the garment on the doll often and adjust each time.