Monday, February 28

Shiny and New

I built Grandpa this shiny red tool chest this weekend.

The drawers don't open, but the top does!

The little casters work too. :D

I learned something about myself while doing this. I like shiny new things!
So does Grandpa.

I've decided that the garage will look new, not beat up and weathered. Grandma agrees. She would have had Grandpa repaint the garage if it didn't look as nice as the house anyway.

So no shabby, no weathering. Just fresh paint and a shiny floor.

Grandpa bought more tools. He is concerned that everything is not going to fit in the garage. He's asking for a separate garden shed. I told him we have to finish the garage first!

Then I overheard him mumbling about a "man cave." Something about the space in the attic. I think Grandma has claimed that space for a sewing room. There may be trouble ahead?

Hope you have a nice evening. I'm going to go make sure Grandpa doesn't buy more tools or another television!


Lainie said...

That's just great, Kathi! I love shiny new things, too. Where did you get the casters?

De said...

Great job on the tool box, Kathi! I hope Grandpa appreciates all the work you're doing on his new garage. :)

Kathi said...

Thanks for your comments! I got the casters, among other things, from one of my favorite sellers on Ebay.

He has some of the best and most unusual minis.

Lotte said...

Absolutely fantastic. Everyone of us should have tool box lik this :) Great job!

Josje said...

It looks just like my tool chest, which is also lovely and shiny red. I agree with you on that not everything has to look old and weathered. Maybe he has a new garage, or new tools, or he just keeps everything look clean and neat. I know people like that exist, I sometimes wished I was a little bit more like that in real life, haha!

Lady Jane said...

I love your garage. It is going to look great when completed. MMMMMM, is the attic big enough to split up, sewing on one side, mancave on the other??? Men do like their mancaves, lol... I love Grampa's tool chest.