Tuesday, November 17

Custom Dolls, Houses & Miniatures

Debbie at Tiny Treasures invited me to join the Custom Dolls, Houses & Miniatures group! I am so proud to become a member of this wonderful community of miniaturists!

I still don't think of myself as a "miniaturist." I don't know why? How many miniatures I do I need to make before I can assume that title? :) I see all of the wonderfully creative people out here and I think, I'm just a beginner!

I do make "custom" things for my dollhouse. They are often not original ideas, but things I've seen and then made in miniature. I find inspiration everywhere! You can see all of the sites I love to visit in my "Beachy Inspiration" links. If only I had the time to make all of the things I have saved in my download files!

Thanks Debbie, for your encouragement and invitation to join this wonderful community! It's free to join. All you have to do is register and be approved by the board. If you haven't visited Custom Dolls Houses and Miniatures please do! There is a wealth of inspiration and creativity there!

Blessings, Kathi


Victoria said...

Congrats, Kathi! it's great news!:) I love CDHM site, time to explore it a bit more;)

Eva said...

Congratulations Hathi, well done!