Saturday, November 7

Mini Book Covers! Printer is working!

I'm so excited! The copy and paste to Word worked! I had a long heart to heart talk with my printer and it's working now too!

Here are some mini books covers I printed. I made two copies of some so that I can cut out the titles and glue them to the edges of the books.

My printer is working better than my camera! If you poke the photo maybe you'll get a better look? The images are very clear in real life! They are about 1" by 3/4."

Now I just have to make the books! Thanks to Casey and Doreen, that shouldn't be too difficult?

Just having my printer working again makes me very very happy! I even bought some water slide decal paper. I'll let you know how that goes later...



dalesdreams said...

Sweet! Good for you dear, I guess that heart to heart clinched it. ;)

Lize said...

Hi Kathi, if you use a picture program such as Photoshop, or even Microsoft word will will work if you are familiar with it, you can do the whole back cover as well with some writing added to the cover, to save you the headache of cutting and sticking by hand. You can then also invent your own books as well, instead of using real book covers. The dust covers looks more real if the sides and back has a corresponding colour to the front image. If you can master the dust cover, the inside pages would be the next (easy) step. If you work in a large size, that makes it easier, then you 'flatten' the image, scale it down and print it out. Once you have done one, it will be plain sailing after.

PAKY said...

Great! I use this method for make my printables too, you only use photos with high quality, copy and paste ... great work!

Lize said...

Kathi, if you have a picture that you really like of a light house or beach, and you have a title in mind, put it (best quality) on your blog and I'll make for you your own special cover for a book.