Monday, November 9

New Follower - New Friend!

I usually just leave a welcome message on my new follower's blog instead of posting about them. Perhaps I need to change that?!

Today I want to WELCOME Casita's Minis! She has not only a beautiful blog, but a wonderful link to her printables! I'm really excited to find so many new things I can print! Thank you Casita!

I'm passing on my Friendship Award to Casita! It's great to find a new friend!

I made two more books and some magazines last night. I sprayed the paper with Krylon Crystal Clear gloss spray before I cut out the covers. It worked great and now I don't have to worry about the colors fading or rubbing off.

Casita's blog has tons of tutorials too! There are several about making mini books.

Please click on over and thank her for all of her hard work and willingness to share! Here's what I'll be having for breakfast!



Lize said...
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kathi said...

How about the photo I use for my blog header?
I took that photo at New Smyrna Beach, Florida and it's one of my favorites!
I would love to have a coffee table book with my blog name on it!
I will email you the photo. Can't wait to see what you do!!

Lize said...

Lize said...
Kathi, the only books I show on my blog, are the leather bound hand made volumes that were made in the way proper books would be made, sewn together, as well as a few that were made in a similar way to yours.

What I offered to do was to design one book cover for you, one very special cover, like a coffee table book with a theme corresponding to your house's theme, for example lighthouses etc. Perhaps a book with your blog name on it That was why I asked you for a picture that has special meaning to you. I will then put the full cover (back, side and front all in one) on the internet, but you will have to scale it down and make it. Whether you use real pages on the inside doesn't matter, but it will be your own special book. An offer you can't refuse.. and I offer to do this for free...!!!!

kathi said...

Thank you SO much Lize! I can't wait to see what you do! It will be a very special book indeed!

dalesdreams said...

I'm so glad you two have connected about the books! :)