Wednesday, November 18

Hardwood Floor Installation

I've been sanding the ends of my floor boards this evening. I'm not sure why I'm so intimidated by the installation? Everything doesn't have to be perfect, right? It just needs to get done!

I've searched and found some good advice. Hopefully, I will soon have a beautiful new floor in my living room to show you...

Here's the pattern I like.

Here's how Bob Villa says to do it.

I even found a short video from Lumber Liquidators!

I must admit that my flooring has been acclimating for a lot longer than 48 hours! It's time to just do it!

I have been somewhat productive lately. I've finished my Five Star Christmas Swap gifts and have started on Rosanna's swap gift too. Of course I can't post about them because they are a surprise!

Hope you are having fun and getting things done!


dalesdreams said...

Kathi, I think it's one of those projects that after you start, you'll be just fine.

It's the starting part that can be the most intimidating. ;)

The only things I can think of is do you want it running left to right from the viewer, or up and back. And where you start and where you end, you want to end where it would be the least visible, if it doesn't end up being full width boards.

But, I'm guessing, you've already gathered all of this information.

Go for it girl! :) Wishing you much luck for a successful project. :)

kathi said...

Thanks Dale! Not knowing where to start has been my big question. I was going to start at the back of the room. Thanks to your comment, I think I'll start at the front! That will be the most visible part.