Saturday, November 7

Mini Book Covers? I'll let you know!

I may have figured out how to make mini book covers? I Googled and found some images I liked, copied and saved them. Then I opened a new Microsoft Word document and pasted the images there.

In the Word document you can right click on the photo and go to "format photo." Another window will open, and I clicked on "size." There you can resize the image to 1" by 1.5" or whatever you wish. Save the images and then you have small images that you can print.

Ideas and kits found at

I'll let you know if this works? My printer is having issues that need to be addressed...

Hope you have a marvelous mini day!



PAKY said...

Beautiful minibooks, I like them... :)

rosanna said...

Keep us informed on how it works. It's very very interesting. PS I've made up my mind to what I could do for you.....:o))) Rosanna