Sunday, November 8

If At First You Don't Suceed...

Well, I played with clay for a while. Watched a video. Googled. Smooshed. Kneaded. Rolled. What I learned was to be very impressed with anyone who can do anything with clay!

I won't be making baskets or clay items for Christmas! Back to the books - reading one or making more for my bookcases. I like making mini books. I like building things. I like painting things. Maybe I'm trying to do too much?!

For those who asked, I used photos copied from the internet for my books. Pasted them to a Word document. Then I resized them and printed them out. For the covers I used Casey's tutorial. I used a thin white foam sheet for the inside. Cardstock for the outside. Then I pasted my little printed cover on. Easy.

That's what I need now. Another easy project! Maybe I'll go take a nap first...

T-shirt found at
Think I'll order one!


Jo said...

Having fiddled with Fimo I totally understand your troubles Kathi! I can't keep the stuff clean and dust free. I prefer Das air drying clay - it is much easier to work in, you just need the one colour because you can paint it afterwards, and you can sand it down if there's something a bit wrong with your model. But I do so wish I could model Fimo!

kathi said...

Thanks Jo!
I was trying to make some dinner plates. Perhaps I'll try the air drying clay. I made such a mess with the poly clay! Cat hair seems to find its way into everything I make!

Kim said...

I struggle with the poly clay too and it has made me so impressed with all the poly clay artists out there as well. I did manage to make my first clay cane- it could be better, but I was so proud that I actually made one I spent the rest of the day crowing about how wonderful I was to the hubby- LOL. I agree with Jo- the air dry clay is so much easier to work with and if you mess up you can sand down. Have a great day Kathi!!