Sunday, November 29

Three Tiny Tables

I made three little tables for the living room yesterday.

I see the perfect place for the perfect Christmas tree, don't you? Here's another easy way to make one.

Can it really be only 26 days until Christmas?! Guess I should put these minis on hold for a while and get my swap gifts wrapped and ready to mail!

Hope you have a beautiful sunny day!


Lize said...

Lovely little tables and I see the spot for the tree! My real tree is still begging me to finish 'dressing' it! Three days and not done yet! Happy preparations for your Christmas. Greetings

Taenia said...

Hallo Kathi!

I love your little tables, they are very lovely :-)

In Austria we use to open the Christmas presents in the evening on the 24th of December and the tree will be prepared in the morning of the same day.

This year, I'm not in a Christmas mood because I will spend the time before Christmas in the Dominican Republic, drinking cocktails under palm trees. But I will be right back at Christmas Eve :-)

Hugs, Taenia

Kim said...

Love the tables! Are you going to try to make a christmas tree for your dollhouse for this year? I can't wait to see it!!

kathi said...

Thanks Lize! Do you see my special book on the new coffee table? Thank you! :)

Taenia! I want to go with you for those cocktails under palm trees! :)

Hi Kim! I'm going to try to make a tree if I have time? Can't wait to send you your swap gifts! :)

Katie said...

Love the tables....very beachy! And thanks for the link to the tre tutorial...i so need to make a better one for Cora's House!

Thanks for the tip on the neosporin...I have some, just can't seem to find it....but it does work like a charm...i use it a lot for cat scratches...takes the sting right out! :)

Bella Sinclair said...

Whoa! You MADE those tables and those blinds? Ah, but of course. You're Kathi! Everything looks so comfortable and homey here. And your beaded decorations are adorable!

What a cute idea for a mini garden, too. Much better than my real garden ever was (and so much easier to take care of, I'm sure).

Alice said...

Sienna has made herself (himself?) right at home. And no wonder, the living room is looking more and more like a home that someone really lives in!

jose said...

it is perfect him lacking details

nana said...

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