Saturday, June 19

Car Shopping

I've been thinking about buying a car...

I just paid off my real life Nissan and am really looking forward to no more car payments! I hope it continues to run great for another 53,000 miles!

Since I am NOT in the market to purchase a car for myself, I'm thinking about getting a car for my dollhouse dolls? The cars you see above are in 1:18 scale. There are not too many available in 1:12 scale and they can be very expensive!

I have an idea for Caterina's Summer Swap and I am going to need a car! How can I go on a road trip without one?

Does anyone know if a car in 1:18 scale would work? Do you have a car for your dollhouse? Am I the only one who has wondered about this?

Sweet Dreams,


Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

I love the red bug! There's just something so nostalgic about those cars.

Iris said...

I like red Volkgswagen also. When my husband and I were young, our first car was a red "bubble" Volkswagen.

Heather said...

I've been wanting a car for awhile but wasn't sure about scale either. I love the bug. I was debating making one out of styrofoam but didn't think it would be very successful. Also love the van. I had two boyfriends in my youth that had vans like that! Very surfer beachy.

cockerina said...

ha ha! Kathi, how do you always have these ideas, so original? I never thought I would, to a machine! too funny .. and if you do not find the car of the right size, make the trip by hitchhiking? ha ha! I'm curious to see how it ends!
I ask my son if there are car models in 1:12 scale ... he understands it more than me ... I do suffer!
bye!! Caterina

jose said...

although English not I love your blogs and if it were not for the translator not as it it could be I love you works

Susan@minicrochetmad said...

Congratulations on getting your car paid off!! A great idea to celebrate by getting yourself the miniature car of your dreams.