Saturday, June 5

Little Loft Bed

I promised myself I would leave the minis alone today and work on my real house. Then this idea came to me this morning and I just had to get started on it!

So, should I go clean up my kitchen, change my sheets, do laundry and mow the yard? Or should I keep working on this?

Decisions decisions.



Tabitha Corsica said...

A tidy house is a sign of an uninspired life....go for the loft bed!

Gonda's miniature said...

Nice special beds you make, and the badroom good, I like the colors.
O, my log bed is not paintet, it's real wood and put it in oil.

Caseymini said...

Kathi, I hope that those are rails that are lying infront of the baby!LOL We wouldn't want him falling out. Those kids are going to be fighting over who sleeps where. It's hard to choose between a bed that swings and one that is up high like that. Great idea!

Jill said...

I am so not the person you should ask about cleaning vs. playing. Let me put it this way, my floors are covered with muddy pawprints and I still haven't unpacked from last weekend! I think you can see which side I lean towards. :)
Those swing beds are wonderful!! I would love one for my "big" house!

michelle said...

Great!! kids would love beds like that!