Monday, June 7

Dollhouse Siding Experiment

This is a photo of my real dollhouse in Florida. It was built in 1920. I loved this porch!

I've been looking at photos of this house and trying to figure out how to make siding for my new dollhouse. Here is my first attempt.

I cut strips of heavy cardstock. Then I added a smaller strip to the back and glued them onto another piece of cardstock. It looks "okay."

Here is my second attempt. I cut some pieces of a free bamboo blind that I have. At least they are wood. They are too thick to overlap correctly. I guess I could use my Dremel to sand down one edge?

Casey told me her friend Jo used strips of upholsterer's cardboard strips for her dollhouse. Another possibility?

I am just too cheap to purchase ready made dollhouse siding. It would be very expensive to do an entire house...

While I was looking at my old photos I came across this picture of Dylan sleeping in the sun.

He could care less about dollhouse siding!

Hope you have a really good day!


Tabitha Corsica said...

The upholsterer' cardboard has the advantage of the right thickness and the right wide...make it so much easier when one doesn't need to spend so much time with the cutting!

But the siding on your "real" dollhouse does not appear to overlap at all. That is a nice look, also.


Caseymini said...

Dylan is much prettier than siding...Very cute photo.

Ascension said...

Que feclicidad!!!!
Dylan, no tiene ningun problema con los apataderos jejejejeje
Seguro que lo consigues.
besitos ascension

Jo Raines said...

I love that porch! Good luck figuring out the siding. I seem to have trouble with things others find a breeze--like wallpaper! And lighting!