Wednesday, June 9

The Quest for the Perfect Pink

I've had this gallon of paint for a long time. I thought I could use it for my dollhouse but it is not quite the right pink.

The little bowl on the right is a "custom" mix that I whipped up. I kept adding paint but never did get the color I wanted. Guess I'll start over or go buy more paint?

I'm looking for a "tropical" pink just like this! There is a BM dealer not far from me too! I wonder if a couple of their little sample jars would be enough to paint my house?

In my quest for all things pink I also found this little book. I think I'll make a mini one...

Now, IF I had a million dollars, I would buy these cottages in Sebastian Florida! 18 of them to be exact! Isn't this one just too cute!

Anyone what to join me in an investment venture?!



Tabitha Corsica said...

I think the tropical pink you are looking for has a hint of yellow in it. While I am all for using up what I have on hand, I hate to settle for something that isn't just right...especially when it is such a "big" thing. Instead of spending time trying to mix a custom color (especially when you KNOW where the right color is), I'd visit the paint store in question. I don't know how big those paint sample cans are but I's guess a pint of paint should be enough for that house.

Love those beach cottages!


Jill said...

That flamingo book will be so wonderful in mini!! I really need to learn how to make mini books-- I love them so much!
Good luck with your pink paint hunt- I know you'll find the perfect pink for your little beach house!

Lisette said...

Try the pink paint with a drop of red on a mixing board. Then something dark pink. You can shorest white mix when it is dark. success!

Nina in Germany said...

To mix a color is difficult and needs theory and experiences.
This pink needs some yellow, thats right.
To make a pink like the flower or the Flamingo house you need white, a lot, red, a piece, and yellow.


Julie S said...

I was all set to post my "expert" opinion that what you needed was some yellow, but I was obviously beaten to the punch -- not once, but twice! It is actually a coral color you are looking for.

Kathi said...

Thanks everyone! I added some red and yellow and came really close to the color I wanted. When the sun comes up I'll post a photo of "my" pink. LOL