Friday, June 4

A Sticky Subject

I have all of these different kinds of glue. Now Casey tells me I might need one more?

I have a wealth of large pieces pieces of card stock. They are saved from the xray film boxes at work. I know the girls there wonder why I'm always taking them home...

I made a pattern of the back wall of the kid's room.

Then I found this red and white striped fabric in my stash. I think it will look great as wallpaper?

Now I need to attach the fabric to the wall. Casey did say that you can use watered down white glue. I think I'll try that before I go and buy more glue!

So here I go. Testing the glue I have and waiting for it to dry!



Kim said...

I think that will be adorable wallpaper! Yes glue is really the best for gluing down paper without any wrinkles or bubbles- if you see it you should grab a jar- and it lasts forever! I love it! Sorry, didn't mean to add to your glue stash :)

Tabitha Corsica said...

That stripe will be great! And, yes, "Yes" glue is one of the best for dollhouse wallpapering. I believe it is a bookbinders glue (or something like that) and has the added property of being, I believe, acid-free. That wonderful cardboard from the xray film boxes is also....I have a small stash of it from my sister and I love it!

One can never have too many glues....or is that shoes?? LOL


Merry Jingle said...

The fabric will look great as a wallpaper. And hope that I won't add your glue stash, but I find spray glue the best to attach fabric and paper wallpaper, no wrinkels and dries so fast :)

Have a great weekend,


miniannalee said...

Yes glue is wonderful (a little pricey) but a little goes a long way. I used a putty knife to apply thin coat of yes glue.
I have every kind of glue you have pictured plus about 20 You can never have enough glue.
Elmers white glue is ok but I find that the kids stick glue is even better for paper. Elmers glues tends to loose its hold in high humidity. You live in the south too so I know you deal with high humidity. It also soaks thru the fabric and leaves shiney spots where it dries. The tub of yes glue is a good buy. No one is gonna judge you for having 20 different kinds of glue all miniaturist do. :)
mini hugs,

Kathi said...

Thanks everyone! I ended up using spray adhesive for the fabric. It worked great. Fast too! No waiting.
Then I attached the wall with double stick permanent tape. Again, no waiting!
Love that!