Monday, June 21

Weathered Wood

Photo taken at New Smyrna Beach FL

I'm planning to try a weathered wood technique for the deck on my beach house. I purchased some "Weather-It" from MicroMark but haven't tried it yet. I also bought a tool that I've been wanting for a long time!

Now I can finish those picture frames and something I'm working on for my summer swap gift!

It seems there are lots of ways to get the look of weathered wood. Here's an idea from Leslie Shepherd at miniatures.

Here is another technique I found. Click on over to see how Darryl Huffman created his awesome railroad bridge! I also found Darryl's Ebay link where you can purchase his instructional videos. Everything you need to know about making outdoor scenes.

Railroad modelers have great ideas and tips!
Here you can see some layouts and buildings.

Larry Rickert shows some wonderful photos of a 2007 Model Railroaders Convention. This is one of them!

Now that I'm inspired and armed with tools, it's time to get to work! Real life work, that is...

Wish I could stay home and make minis!



Caseymini said...

Kathi, I am a fan of the rust and vinegar method. Not only can you use steel wool, you can use anything that rusts. I knew one person that used old hibachis to make large batches! Works great and is easily diluted.

Margaret said...

What great photos and links that I must explore. Thank you for sharing!