Monday, June 14

Note to Self

Try NOT to sneeze when you are making paper flowers!


Ascension said...

Jejejejeje, tienes toda la razon, cuando se hacen flores de papel no es conveniente estar resfriada y estornudar jejejeje
Te han quedado genial!!
besitos ascension

Kim said...

good advice for anyone :)

Caseymini said...

My other advice is....Don't missplace your tweezers! That's why I have multiple pairs.

There must be more to this story....Did you sneeze and are you still picking petals out of the carpet? LOL

Dawn said...

Too funny! The same advice holds true for making mini paper chains from quilling paper.

I love the photo by the way. I thought it was a double exposure when I first saw it. T

Taenia said...

The flowers are great!
Nice colour and I hope that you don't forget to water them ;)

hugs Taenia

Lisette said...

Haaa...aaatjsoe.. (sneeze) I`m sorry.
Nice paper flowers.
My flowers als paper, pffff..more work! But nice flowers ;-)

cockerina said...

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Tineke said...

o yes I know......and what about a good laugh...The flowers are very nice

Maria said...

Ha ha ha,or don't dip your pencil in your drink when painting.
I had that once.
I am happy your shirt arived.

Tallulah Belle said...

or breathe at times :-)