Tuesday, September 14

I'm Tired!

I love these coasters I found at Advanced Healthcare Shop today.
I've been working very hard lately. My co-worker is going back to school and leaving two hours early every day. I feel like a mouse on a wheel and I'm TIRED!

At least my boss has noticed and even asked me how I was holding up today! I wanted to tell him I was OVERWORKED, UNDERPAID, and wanted to GO HOME!

Of course, I didn't say that. I just told him I was "feeling a bit tired lately." He actually said he knows how hard I've been working and appreciates all I do. He even said he is thinking about some ways to help. It's so nice to have a great boss and a great job too!

I'm going to bed now. I'm tired!

I hope to have some finished projects to show you soon? Ten days without minis is too many days!


Kim Gillian said...

Sweet Dreams Kathi...Is is nice to know some one appreciates you for all of the work you do. We have a nurse at the facility that I work at and I think a lot of times, everyone does not know or appreciate everything she does. - Kim :)

Caseymini said...

Kathi, I must agree. Ten days without minis is way too long! It's good to know that you are appreciated where you work, but wouldn't it be nice if they would give you a few days off, with pay. Just a little time you to rest up and for the little things that you would rather be doing...

Petra said...

I'm glad for you you have such a boss. Seems there is no help for hard working people in this faster and faster times - that makes nearly everyone ill. I'm curious what kind of help your boss is going to give you.
I hope you find some rest and I'm looking forward to more of your minis!

Ascension said...

Muchos dias sin hacer minis, seguro que ya tienes ganas.
Un buen jefe, que se preocupa por su empleada.
Ahora hay que saber que clase de ayuda te va a proporcionar.
besitos ascension

Tallulah Belle said...

Hope you got some rest Kathi. It is crazy how nurses are worked half to death.

It is good you have an appreciative boss but I'd still have told him how you really felt :-)