Sunday, September 5

Stamping and Sewing

I've been wanting to try my new flamingo rubber stamp on fabric. I didn't have the right color stamp pad so I searched Google and found out how to make my own.

I just used two pieces of white felt and my Scribbles fabric paint. I added the paint to the felt and started stamping! I'm sure lots of you already know how to do this, but it was new to me! So easy! These practice images are stamped on white cotton fabric.

I think they will be great for dollhouse linens, curtains or doll clothes? If I cover two of the images I can make single flamingos too. So many possibilities! :D

This project came about because I got frustrated with my sewing projects. I used a pattern for this shirt for grandpa. It is supposed to be for a 6" doll but It's WAY to big!

Plus, my old sewing machine is jamming and chewing up my fabric. I actually thought about buying a new one this morning. I guess I should get the old one fixed and save my money for food and things like that, right?!

I have several things going on right now! Laundry, organizing my craft room supplies, doing the dishes and cleaning the house. I just had to take a few minutes and try a little mini project.

Better get back to work before I find something else to do!


Ascension said...

Es una gran idea y queda precioso!!!
Se podria utilizar para hacer muchas cosas en tela.
El problema de hacer la ropita 1 /12, es que con la maquina de coser es dificil, yo no se....lo unico que coso es a mano y no queda igual de bien.
besitos ascension

Caseymini said...

Kathi, would bigger seams help the size of the shirt? Love the fabric that you printed. Very cool!

Flor said...

¡Que buena idea muchas gracias!!!!

Katie said...

...I've never heard of scribbles and felt! Way cool Idea! Thanks for sharing!!

And I have something I think you may be able to use if you'd like to email me your addy?!


Completely Coastal + Daily Vitamin Sea said...

This is great!! I've never did stamping but had posted about it..., and might feature this too.

Clara said...

¡Brillante idea! Ahora nada te detendrá con las estampaciones :)
Besos Clara