Saturday, September 18

Sofa and Two Chairs

I finished my new sofa and made TWO chairs. I learned a lot while I was making the sofa so the chairs are a slightly different design. I really like how they all turned out. :D

Here they are with the little tables I made a long time ago. I really need to get my staircase finished so I can put the living room back together!

Do you remember Caterina's Summer Swap? The gift I made for Beatriz in Mexico never arrived. Perhaps it was seized by the customs officials?

I decided it was time to make something else for Beatriz. Better late,than never. Right? I'll be sending one of these little chairs to her.

I hope she likes it AND that it makes the trip to her home in Mexico!

Hope you have a lovely day. I'm going to go relax on the sofa. :D


Clara said...

¡Seguro que le gusta es ideal! Me gusta mucho cómo los has hecho y la tapiceria muy alegre. Has hecho un buen trabajo.
Besos Clara

Caseymini said...

Looks really good Kathi! The furniture is perfect for a beach cottage!

Lainie's Little Things said...

Good job! You've been busy!

Ana said...

Te han quedado perfectos y muy bonitos¡¡¡ Good job¡¡Saludos

Lataina said...

Very beautiful, Kathi. I'm in love with that fabric! =)

cockerina said...

oh! Kathi, the sofa is beautiful! I really like the fabric, colorful and lively!
I can sit a while? I'm a little tired ... ha ha!
thanks for being gone from my blog!
kisses, Caterina

Kim@My Fairytale Cottage said...

I love how everything turned out..very good.
-Kim :)

Sans! said...

They are really wonderful! I am sure Beatriz will be thrilled to bits. These chairs look more comfy than my real life ones :):)

Ascension said...

Te ha quedado un sofa y unas sillas maravillosas, enhorabuen por el trabajo tan perfecto que has hecho.
Seguro que Beatriz, estara saltando de alegria.
besitos ascension

Marisa Stein said...

theyre beautiful and very retro if you want to do a WWII theme


cockerina said...

oh! Kathi, you had a very nice idea, you are very generous, I am sure that Beatrice will be happy to receive this wonderful gift!
You are a very good person! I'm excited!
sin, however, your gift for the holiday swap was really original, hopefully not lost ...
many kisses!