Wednesday, September 22

Let's Build Something Together

I'll bet that Lowe's never thought that one of their Eddie Bauer paint chips would ever be used for a dollhouse porch. I found it to be the perfect thing for my teeny tiny house!

It's called Quartz Stone Granite and really looks like cement. There are mica crystals in it so it even has a bit of sparkle. :D

The porch will have columns to support the roof.
I can't attach it permanently until I finish the walls inside. The lattice is a piece of perforated cross stitch paper. I still need to add "glass" to the windows and make some shutters.

When that's finished I'll turn the house over and start working on the interior. That will be the really tricky part! Hopefully, there will be two rooms downstairs and two rooms upstairs. I'm still thinking about where to put the stairs?!

Hope you have a happy day!


Caseymini said...

Kathi, don't forget the formica samples at Lowes. I have a whole stack of those. They come in handy for lots of things. You should take the house in to show it off at Lowes when you finish. Looking good!

De said...

I love all the details, Kathi.

Kathi said...

I just noticed that my siding is a little crooked. I fixed it. Amazing what the camera can show you that your eyes don't see! LOL

Norma Bennett said...

It's looking wonderful, so many details!

Kim Gillian said...

Your house is so cute..great idea for the steps.
-Kim :)

Marisa said...

I couldn't figure out where I had heard that saying before, then when I read your blog it clicked.

(thank goodness I did read it cause that would have bothered me all day) looks like everything is coming along nicely great idea for the steps! *quite clever too I never would have thought to do that*

cant wait to see the end result

Marisa :)

Mini Me said...

Looking good!!

Unknown said...

Estás usando pintura de casa 1:1 y así esta más real. Esta casa necesitará un jardín :)
Ya veré cómo solucionas la escalera y los pisos. Hasta ahora me encanta.
Besos Clara