Friday, September 24

Quick Question

How do you "plant" plants around the outside of your dollhouse? I don't want to put them in pots. I just want them to look like they are growing out of the ground, like this little garden I planted in Florida. These plants got HUGE! Mine will be mini, of course.

How can I keep them from falling over? Ideas?

Thanks! :D


Caseymini said...

Kathi,go look at my first few posts ever. In that house and a couple of others, I wanted little plots that looked like gardens, but I didn't want anything attached to the house. I cut out the size and shape that I wanted the little pieces of garden to be. In that case, I fitted them by the steps to the front porch. I just used 1/4" foam core. Then I always cover them with railroad greenery or dirt. And I do mean dirt. I go out in the back yard or to a sack of potting soil with an old flour sifter and get out the big pieces. I cover the area that I want to be dirt with white glue and sprinkle liberally with dirt. Let it dry thoroughly if you are planning to add grass next to it. If you don't you can have some difficulty getting the stuff to stay where it should be. If you want to "plant flowers, just poke a hole in the foamcore and push in the wire stem of the plant or if it is a surface plant, just glue it in place. I hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

I used foam sheets that were used for packing around various items that we have bought in the past. (I save everything.) I cut the foam sheet to the size and shape I wanted my garden and then painted it brown so the white would not show through. I poked holes where I wanted the plants to be and filled the hole with glue and then put the plant in. Once all the plants were in place, I put glue over the top of the foam and sprinkled ground tea leaves over it all. The tea leaves look just like dirt.

Kathi said...

Thanks Casey and Doreen! Great tips! I can't wait to get to this part of my teeny house. I love landscaping in real life so I know I will love it in miniature!