Saturday, September 25


This is the downstairs of my teeny tiny house. Sadly, there won't BE any stairs. There is just no room for them!

I've been having fun today. Hope you are too?


Norma said...

The colour scheme is pretty, very restful. Are you planning to make or buy the furniture?

Ascension said...

Me parece que te va a quedar preciosa, estoy deseando ver que clase de muebles vas a poner.
besitos ascension

Jill said...

So sweet! You have got some serious patience to work in that tiny scale. I'm all thumbs!

Kathi said...

Thanks Norma! I'm going to TRY to make my own furniture. Think I'll use clay?

Thanks Ascension! I can read some of your comment. LOL Mi espanol es no bueno!

Thanks Jill! It does take some serious patience but I'm loving it. I just might make another one after my tired eyes take a break! LOL

Pan said...

You are so creative Kathi! I love the teeny tiny house and you always use such peaceful colours.

Deni said...

That little house is so cute Kathi
Just luv the green thats one of me very fav colours cool and restful!!!

Norma said...

Clay is an interesting option. I used light card for my sofa and chairs (actually made for scrapbooking, has a slight texture like linen), the tiny tiny cushions are balsa shaped with an emery board to get the shape that makes them look soft and kind of 'nestled' into the corner of the chairs. I actually think there is something potentially addictive about working in this tiny scale so watch out! ;)

Norma said...

Kathi, I think you would love this blog 'The Pin Factory' - some great 144th inspiration :) Cut and paste this URL to visit her