Saturday, September 25

Tired Eyes

My eyes are very tired this evening. You can see why here. There is a toothpick in the photo just to show you how tiny this furniture is!

The bed is made from card stock folded around a block of wood. The chairs are slip covered with white fabric! The table needs some adjusting and paint.

I was going to get my clay out and make new appliances and a pedestal sink and tub for the bathroom. But now, as the clouds roll in and the sun is about to set, I think my eyes need a break!

I used Anna Carin's miniature tutorials to make the table and chairs. She has free DIY patterns and instructions in all scales. The ones I used are for 1:144 scale furniture.

Another great mini-mini site I found is by Frances Armstrong. She passed away in 2008 but her site is being maintained. There is a wealth of information there for beginners, like me.

I'm nearly finished with the building part of my little house. I'm going to try to do some landscaping around it too.

IF I ever get it finished, I'll have to find the perfect place to display it in my BIG beach house! There may be more of these little houses in my future. A tiny modern house perhaps?

My eyes are telling me to go do something larger for a while! They just want to keep closing for some reason...

Hope you had a lovely day!


Kim@My Fairytale Cottage said...

Great job on your wonder your eyes are tired, it's so in the world did you make those slip covers? Again, great job!
:) Kim

De said...

Oh, Kathi, the furniture is beautiful. I've played a bit with making furniture in that scale and it's hard! Yours is lovely.

Ana said...

Un trabajo perfecto y muy complicado tan pequeño¡¡¡ Enhorabuena. Saludos

Mini Me said...

You are doing such a wonderful job! I love the bed!

Sans! said...

Kathi, I think you did a great job! And thanks for the links!

Alma e Lia said...

I love the 1:144 scale

Norma said...

Great links Kathi, thanks :)