Thursday, December 9

Christmas Wrapped Poinsettia

I received a little present from one of my co-workers that was wrapped with red foil paper. Of course, I saved the paper. :D

I decided to try to wrap my little poinsettia for the holidays. My flower pot is 3/4" high and 3/4" in diameter. I used one of my decorative scissors to cut out a 2 inch square of foil. Then I glued the pot in the center and let it dry.

I put clear Tacky Glue on the pot and folded the foil around it. I used a toothpick to try to make the folds neat.

I managed to smash most of my flowers and leaves while doing this. Now I need to figure out how to make a bow!?

Hope you have a good day!


onbeingaminimum said...

Bows! They are really hard. Flower looks lovely.

Lucille said...

Your flower pot looks great. Somewhere on her blog, Casey has a tutorial on how to make bows. Perhaps you could make one and just glue it on top of the ribbon. The tutorial consists of using a piece of wood and pins, if I remember correctly.

Lucille said...

It's on March 13, 2009. I just looked for you.

Kathi said...

I tried Casey's tutorial and one I found at I decided to make a bow the way my mother taught me years ago. :D