Saturday, December 11

"Would Tuesday Be Okay?"

I have had no hot water since Wednesday evening. I took one COLD shower and yesterday just washed my hair in COLD water at the kitchen sink. This morning I went to my daughter's house and took a really long HOT shower!

I just got a call from my landlady. She finally heard back from her handyman. She says, "Would Tuesday be okay? That's the earliest he can come over." TUESDAY!? That's four days away!!! Four more days with no hot water!?

I just might have to take matters into my own hands? I found these instructions at the Family Handyman.

I really think all my hot water heater needs is a new thermocoupler. The only thing that worries me is making sure that the gas is turned off. Hope I don't blow myself up!

Four more days with no hot water! I don't think so!!!!


Tabitha Corsica said...

Perhaps she'd not mind if your rent was a little late next month? Or maybe she wouldn't mind a deduction for the time without hot water?

Funny...the word verification is "restorat". The answer to the question "what would you like done with your lack of hot water"


Caseymini said...

Kathi, stomp your feet and yell! No way should she let you go without hot water for that long! Tell her that you are going to come to her house every day for your hot shower and then see how fast she gets it fixed!

Lucille said...

I wonder how this woman would like it if she had to take cold showers. He can't be the only handyman around. And, be very careful with that heater. The last thing you need is to blow yourself up. She should have a lit of contact people to handle emergencies. And, I think this is an emergency.

Lucille said...

Sorry, I meant a list.

Lataina said...

I'm with Tabitha ALL the way on this!! That's just too crazy, to not have hot water in winter!!!!

Sans! said...

How about the good old way of boiling your water? We used to do that when we were very young :). You will not be able to shower very much but at least you can wash your hair :).