Tuesday, December 14

Determined, But Doubtful

I am determined to learn how to make mini bows. I LOVE ribbon. I LOVE bows. I want to make the perfect bow!

Actually, I need to make six perfect bows. I want six wreaths for the windows of the beach house.

I tried my mother's way, Casey's way, and Leslie's way. Casey's bows look perfect to me but I sure couldn't get mine to look anything like hers!

The one below is from Leslie at About.com miniatures. I pounded two little nails into a block of wood then cut off their heads. LOL

The next part of the tutorial is wrapping the ribbon around the nails then securing the ribbon with a piece of thread in the center. This is something like the way my mother's bows are made.

Then you pull the bow off the nails and fluff it up. Here is my bow. Not perfect in any way!

I'm going to keep trying. I'm determined to do this. Then I'll have to figure out how to make six little wreaths. I sure wish I had something that looked like holly...

I'm going to sleep on this. Sweet dreams!


Cheryl said...

I used to have a tutorial on bows, lets see if I can describe it well enough for you to try it. On the end of a round dowel stick in a piece of a needle the length that you would want one of the loops. This is your tool. Lift the ribbon to the top of the needle 'threading' it on top of the last loop. Place a tiny dab of glue as each loop meets on the tool. This way each of the loops is the same exact size. The more loops the more full your bow.

Tabitha Corsica said...

Yes Cheryl...I see how that would work.

Kathi...the bow you made using the 2 pins in a block of wood and securing with thread has promise. You'll just have to "fluff" a bit more.

When I make bows like this, regardless of the technique, I find a pure silk ribbon gives the best results. It is thin and malliable and will do almost anything you ask of it. It will hold a fluff or a twist and one needs only the tiniest amount of glue to hold it in place.

Michaels and JoAnns used to sell pure silk ribbon when ribbon embroidery was all the rage. Some dollhouse shops and specialty needle work shops still carry it. Otherwise, it can be ordered online from almost any needlework source. Good Luck with your wreath bows!

Ascension said...

Veo que despues del trabajo que te ha dado hacer el lazo, lo has conseguido en tu siguiente post, me ha encantado como te ha quedado el lacito en la coronita de tu casita.
besitos ascension

cockerina said...

I do not know how to make rosettes, so that your first experiment seems good to me! wonderful work!
perhaps by trying to tape "organza", it is softer?
this is supposed to be just a suggestion! I also want to try, thanks for the tutorial!
kisses, Caterina

Kathi said...

Thank you for your sweet comments and suggestions! I really do appreciate them.
I'll try Cheryl's tip and look for some silk ribbon too. :D