Wednesday, December 1

Table Legs

I'm making some progress with my little table legs. I thought maybe you would like to see how I'm doing them?

The first two on the right were carved from balsa wood. As you can see, one broke and the other is headed for the trash. The balsa was too soft so now I'm using bass wood.

I cut a 1/4 inch square wooden dowel to the right length. Then I marked lines where I wanted my carving to start. I used a razor blade to make notches in the dowel for the design. The hardest part is carving the rounded areas. You can take away but you can't put back! :D

I hope to have these finished today so I can start working on the table top. It will be made of wood. Casey sent me this really great fabric that I'll use for the skirting on the front of the table. Thanks Casey!

Don't forget to check out Marsha's Christmas Ornament swap! Her virtual Christmas tree is so beautiful! There you can visit the blogs of everyone who participated in the swap.

The countdown begins! Only 24 days until Christmas and 22 days until I go to the BEACH! :D


Ascension said...

Estas haciendo un gran trabajo, me encanta pasar por tu blog y aprender contigo a hacer todos los pasos.
Casi siempre hay que tirar algunas piezas, hasta que te quedan bein.
besitos ascension

Minnie Kitchen said...

looking good!!! just be careful when you work with wood... i"m so scared of getting splinters!!

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

Kathi, I'm so impressed with how you're carving the table legs, they're tunrning out very nice! I love reading your blog because nothing is impossible for you, you have an inspiration and then work at it until you have a beautiful result. :)
I'm so happy you already received your pendant and that you like it. :)

Norma said...

My goodness, how do you manage to get them all looking alike?? I'd be totally hopeless at that, none would match and I'd probably cut my fingers off with that blade.

Pretty fabric from Casey.

Susan said...

Looking great Kathi. Hint. After carving the notches use a nailfile to make the rounded bits, that's what I did when making legs for my half round table. It gives you more control of how much you remove.