Tuesday, March 1

One Wall Two Ideas

I've been playing around with some ideas for the back wall of the garage. The sink cabinet and fridge are two more pieces of furniture that came with my Craig's List dollhouse.

The washer and dryer were purchased. The shelf above them is part of a Michael's hutch. I want to build more cabinets for storage and display. Then I'll need to make some laundry products, mops and brooms etc....

This is just an idea. I'm not sure it will work because there are supposed to be stairs or a ladder on this wall going up to the attic. I may flip the ceiling so I can put the stairs toward the front of the garage?

Or maybe I could put the workshop on the back wall and move the laundry area to the side?

I've never built a kit before but it sure is fun!

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Trish said...

Hi Kathi, thanks so much for signing on to follow my new blog. I'm still afraid nobody will want to read it, and am thrilled when I get a follower. I love your blog, and am delighted to have found it. What a fantastic idea to build a garage! I'm working on recreating my childhood room I shared with 4 sisters, and when I'm done I'm going to make a workout gym for the residents of Loganberry Lane; so much fun. Thanks again, trish

jose said...

fantastic works are incredible of real me congratulations