Tuesday, April 19

Grandma's New Hat

Kat the Hat Lady made a beautiful new hat just for Grandma!

Isn't it lovely!?

Grandma LOVES her new hat! She just can't stop admiring it! I couldn't even get her to give her opinion as to how to arrange the furniture in her sewing room.

She refuses to budge until I find a mirror.

I'm SURE she will like what she sees!

Thank you SO much Kat! You have made the perfect hat for Grandma! :D


MiniKat said...

Fair warning, Kathi. Kat's hats are like potato chips or really good chocolates.... you can't have just one! ;-)

Mary said...

Grandma is very fortunate to have such a good friend that would send her such a lovely gift. It looks just perfect on her.

Bella Sinclair said...

What a GORGEOUS Easter bonnet! She'll be the grandest lady at the Easter Parade! Oooooooooh!