Saturday, April 23

Saturday Evening Post

Sometimes I post every day. Sometimes twice a day. This week I looked and I hadn't posted since Tuesday! So here is a quick Saturday evening post. :D

I have been busy with the garage. Mostly things that just have to be done and aren't very exciting to see. I did install the wallpaper in the attic.

I don't think I will be able to use the cute border that came with the paper. It's just too big for this space. Maybe I can find a way to use some of it?

I still need to glue the garage together. Today I was reading the instructions (again) and realized that I need to paint and install the garage door first. I've been putting that off because it looks rather difficult.

Since I'm procrastinating, I decided to try to make a mirror for Grandma. I found one I was going to purchase but it was $8.98 plus $2.95 shipping. Better do it myself!

Someone sent me some mirrored tape a while ago. I think it was De from De-Lightful Minis?

I'm finally going to use some of it for the mirror. I opened the kit of teeny tiny thread spools and quickly set that aside! Too tiny for today.

Here is what my stove looks like right now. Guess I'll be going out for dinner tonite unless I clean up this mess?

I want to welcome to all of my new followers! I really appreciate your visits and thank you for your comments also.

There are still three people needed for my Pay It Forward Swap. Is anyone interested?

Hope everyone has a Joyous Easter!


Mary said...

Happy Easter, Kathi. I think that cute border would look nice framed and hung on the wall. I can't wait to see the finished mirror, it's looking good. Have a lovely day.

Cheryl said...

Happy Easter, Kathi. I love that your garage parts are on your stove. Would love to join your swap but the timing did not work out. I am with my daughter who just had my first grandchild. It has been a wonderful Easter week.