Saturday, April 16

My First Roombox - A Squirrel's Garden

I collected some natural materials on my trip to Florida last year. Things from the garden at the beach house where we stayed, and things I found on the beach.

I've been saving them in a box not really knowing what to do with them?

This morning I decided to finally do something with my collection. I made my very first roombox!

I found a box that was the right size and just kept going. I decided to make a beachside home and garden for my little squirrel.

I purchased him from Kelley at Little Elf's Toyshop. Isn't he cute?!

Here is what I came up with for my squirrel. Maybe not quite what you would expect for a woodland creature? This little guy likes the beach! :D

The only things purchased were the squirrel and the beach glass. Everything else came out of that box above.

I made the palm tree out of sea oats. No, I didn't pick them, that's illegal! I found them on the beach.

I may be adding a few more things later?

I just might have to try making another roombox someday. This was so much fun!

Hope you have a happy day!


De said...

What a perfect setting for your little squirrel, Kathi! You've done a lovely job on your first roombox. :)

Lucille said...

Very nice, Kathi! Reading that your little squirrel likes the beach brought a smile to my face because I know how much you also like the beach. Anyways, building this box gave you a break from the garage which is a good thing. It's nice to give the brain a rest. I love that beach glass.

LittleElf said...

So adorable, you did such a great job. Your little squirrel looks so happy there. ^_^

Norma Bennett said...

This is a great way to use all your beach finds, and the squirrel is going to love the new home :)