Saturday, April 2

Not Following Directions

I read the assembly instructions for the staircase again this morning. The first thing they say to do is make the posts. There are six of them. What you are supposed to do is glue three of the long flat strips together to make one post.

I started to do that and then I realized that they would end up being 1/4 inch square. Why waste all of those nice straight pieces of wood? Why not just use 1/4 inch wooden dowels? So that's what I did.

The instructions also say to glue the platform to the posts first. Yeah, right. How do you glue something that is suspended in the air? I couldn't figure out how I would clamp the platform that way. I still don't know how I can clamp them.

So, I started with the base and then added the platform. A Cheerios box with a piece of 1/8" basswood on top was the perfect height. I do a lot of improvising here! LOL

Now I'm waiting for the glue to dry. The next step is adding the stairs.

I didn't like the finish on the bare wood so I weathered the floor and the platform before I started gluing. So far, so good.

Hopefully, this won't fall apart when I try to move it.


Caseymini said...

Kathi, I am so glad that you got your kit first. Now I can just follow along and do whatever you do! I got mine about 10 minutes ago!

otterine said...

And, we know you're eating healthy since we're getting glimpses of what's in your pantry. :D