Friday, May 20

Hello and Goodbye

I would like to say "Hello" to all of my new followers! Welcome to each and everyone of you!

I will be mailing Flor's little house to her today. Before I say "Goodbye" to the house, I took some photos to share with you.

The house is 2 1/2 inches tall. I used Grandpa's dollhouse kit found on Ebay. Then I added the porch, window boxes and other details.

The doors on the back were remodeled with Casey's famous fans. I couldn't find my tiny hinges so I use fabric ones. Here is a photo of the interior.

I had so much fun building this house. I've only made two 1:144 scale houses so far but I'm sure there will be more. :D

Congratulations again Flor! I hope your little house arrives safe and sound and that you like it.

Now it's time to get back to my Pay It Forward ponds. Hope you have a beautiful day!


Flor said...

¡Estoy enamorada de mi casita Kathi!!!!!
Cuanto cariño se nota que les has puesto....hasta las lagrimas se me salieron de alegría , de pensar que ese tesoro maravilloso ¡Es mio!!!!!¡Mil gracias Kathy!!!!
Espero me permitas poner estas fotos en mí blog ¡Necesito compartir esta felicidad que me das!!!!
Gracias de verdad por ese amor y dedicación para hacerla ,aun cuando estas tan preocupada por Dylan...¡Eres muy linda Kathi!!!
Un beso con mucho cariño
Ahhhh!!! Y corro a platicarles de la gran noticia a mi blog ( ;

otterine said...

What a precious tiny house! I've yet to attempt this scale. You've done a wonderful job with it, and I love the added elements. Congrats to Flor!

CrisColás said...

It is a marvellous house!! It will be with a great artist, Flor.
Congratulations to both.

Nicole said...

Oohh... this little house is soo lovely, Kathi! I like the tiny flowers very much. Your so lucky, Flor, to get it :-)

Ludmila said...

Kathy, I continue to dream of such House. It is beautiful!

Ascension said...

Te ha quedado preciosa, entiendo la alegria de Flor, es un precioso regalo.
besitos ascension

Plushpussycat said...

What a beautiful little house! Your extra details take it to the next level!!! :-)

Minka said...

So cute! Did you use sandpaper for the roof? What did you use for the window boxes?

Caseymini said...

Kathi! I first saw it on Flor's blog.LOL Then I scrolled down and saw it here. She already has it! That was fast.

I recognized it imediately. It is so cute!

I'm glad you are back in business with your computer!

Kathi said...

Thank everyone! I did use sandpaper for the roof. The window boxes were cut from square toothpicks. They are about 1/4 inch long. :D
I'm going to miss this little house but am so happy that Flor likes it!

Lotte said...

Kathi, this little house is unbelievable! It's very cute.

Unknown said...

This house is beautiful, the little flowers are beautiful and the back is very beautiful. All is very lovely done.

dalesdreams said...

Kathi, this is a darling little house and you really out did yourself on this one. I'm sure she's going to be just tickled with it. :)

jose said...

so small and so big

Virginia isabel said...

Una preciosidad. bellisima.

Lucille said...

Too cute, Kathi! I love what you did with the fans.

Flor said...

Kathi Gracias por estar feliz por mi... se que has deber sentido tristeza decirle adiós en el correo.. Pero créeme que aquí va a estar muy bien cuidada, muy valorada, muy querida y cada que la vea recordare la suerte de haberla ganado y lo mejor conocer un poquito más a una persona tan linda como tu ( =
¡Mira que bien se ve en mi blog!!! jejejeje
Un abrazo

Katie said...

Oh Kathi! This little house is perfect! I love the blue you chose! Flor is one lucky lady! Even the inside is amazing!! And I love those tiny window boxes! Awesome!

Flor said...

Hola Kathi!!!
Yo espero ya recibieras el mail que te envié diciendo la buena noticia de que ya recibí la casita , que aun en persona es mucho más linda ¡Muchas gracias!!!
Ya está en mi blog
Un gran abrazo