Wednesday, May 11

Quick Update

Dylan seems to be getting a little better. The steroids are working. He can stand up straight and even walk a few steps without falling over. His favorite thing to do, other than eat, is to sleep. :D

I'll take him back to the vet tomorrow. Hopefully, nothing else will need to be done for him. Thank you for all of your sweet comments and concern. {{HUGS}}

I'm back to work on Flor's little house. It's almost finished! I need to fix the doors, touch up here and there and then I can glue it together.

I also need to find the tiny hinges I bought a while ago. They could be anywhere?!!

Yes, that IS sand on my work table. Not sure how that got there???

I hope to have the house finished so I can mail it to Flor on Saturday. I'll be sure to post a photo before I do that.

Hope you have a great evening!


Caseymini said...

Horray for Dylan! Get well soon!

Lucille said...

I'm so happy and relieved that poor Dylan is responding to treatment!

sylvia said...

Give Dylan a big hug from me ( hugs helps to recover)


Marisa said...

poor little thing, feed him some Green Beans that helped our Bella with her back issues

Hugs to dylan
Marisa :)

Kim said...

I hope Dylan keeps feeling better Kathi- crossing my fingers it's good news tomorrow. Your little house is sooo cute! I love the new doors you have made for it :)

MiniKat said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for Dylan!

Plushpussycat said...

So glad your little dog is feeling better! The house is adorable! Flor is one lucky woman! :-)

Jollie said...

I am glad that the steroids are working!!
And that Dylan can stand up and walk a little bit, good luck at the veternary.

The little house for Flor is very lovely!

Hugs Jollie

Flor said...

¡Que gusto saber que Dylan esta respondiendo a su tratamiento Kathi!!!Se ve tan lindo descansando..
Un besito