Saturday, June 25

Auto Zone

Here is the dollar store puzzle floor I am working on. Sorry for the blurry photo. Too much coffee and no breakfast... I still need to glue it down and add the final coat of finish.

I went to AutoZone yesterday and found 1/4 inch red pinstriping, some little flags and small silver tubing that I think will work for a couple of the lights I'm making?

I also got bought two car light bulbs. I'm going to try Kris's tutorial for making shell filled lamps with them. The photo below is the little lamp that Kris made. So cute and perfect for my beach house!

Click here to see more great tutorials at 1 Inch Minis. Thank you Kris for sharing all of your wonderful ideas!


Unknown said...

Cool floor. You are full of good ideas!

Lucille said...

I love your floor, Kathi. It's different from what we usually see. I also like the red pinstriping. It brightens up the place. I'm looking forward to seeing your shell lamp.

otterine said...

Awesome idea for the flooring! :D

Troy said...

Love the puzzle floor! Very creative.

Alienora said...

Puzzle patern looks great on the floor! And thanks for sharing the idea with car light bulbs lamp. It is very interesting!